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HSK Manager was established by two hospitality experts – boasting over 30 years of experience in the industry – with just one goal in mind: bring a fresh approach to hotel housekeeping services that hoteliers can love. Through world-class cleaning and world-class communication with all clients, HSK Manager can get your establishment sparkling from top to bottom, leaving you to focus on the guests.

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Our Work Philosophy

Go Green Initiative

We constantly strive to mitigate the negative impact our business practices could have on the environment, by using eco friendly products and developing innovative solutions.
We comply with environmental legislation and the Approved Codes of Practice by minimizing the consumption of natural resources such as energy and water.
While adhering to an effective waste management system, we prompt our partners to do the same.
Our staff are encouraged to cycle to work or take on, car-sharing initiatives to reduce pollution.

Best Practices

We make an effort to source staff within a certain parameter of our locality; offering them the prospect of a stable career.
Our uncompromised performance is derived through constant training we provide our staff.
We promise outstanding customer service by employing highly skilled and trained staff.
Through constantly rewarding our staff for their excellent service, we achieve high retainability thereby providing you uninterrupted services

Clients & Testimonials

Gregor Williams

For the last year, HSK has been providing our hotel an outstanding service. They take our suggestions seriously and make any changes that are required of them. HSK have definitely added value to our property’s performance and assisting us with the core day to day cleaning functions. I could trust them to keep my lobby and all other hotel public areas gleaming.

Beatrix Smith

It’s great to partner with a company that takes care of my business as much as I do. Their delivery of service is exceptional and I have been able to secure housekeepers even on short notice. They definitely go above and beyond and now that I’ve found HSK Manager, my longtime search for a good housekeeping service, is over. Pricing is very reasonable.

Alastair Wilson

It has been a pleasure working with HSK Manager and in fact, I look forward to our continued partnership. Staff has proven to be reliable and thorough; something that is very crucial in the hospitality industry. I would definitely recommend them!

HSK Manager

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