Our Services

All HSK Manager employees share the passion, drive, and work ethic of the two founders to provide you with efficient, friendly, and reliable housekeeping services you deserve.

All members of our staff are trained in health and safety, fire safety, and COSH.

At HSK Manager, we appreciate your need to find the perfect housekeeping service for the hotel. We provide a whole range of services and are happy to discuss them all throughout a free consultation which is designed to ensure you receive the perfect results time and time again. We’ll take care of the cleaning, leaving you to take care of the guests!

Our Wide Range of Staff include:

  • Housekeepers
  • Room attendants
  • Public area cleaners
  • Linen Porters
  • Floor Supervisors


We understand, outsourcing one of the key responsibilities of your property has to be done with deliberate and careful consideration. Therefore, we offer you the flexibility of, either a fully outsourced housekeeping service or partial services in which you retain a certain level of control over the department. Whichever you choose, we guarantee our service levels will surpass the competition; which in turn put you at a competitive advantage. Our skilled experts, will carry out their duties with utmost respect to your clients with attention to detail.

Room attendants

HSK Room Attendants are thorough with all general housekeeping policies and will swiftly understand and adapt to your organization procedures and standards. They have been given a complete knowledge of cleaning equipment and maintenance. With a positive attitude and warm smile, they will carry out their duties without being any hinderance to your guests. We understand the importance of confidentiality and security and assure all our employees are vetted prior to recruitment. Under the supervision of the housekeeping department, they will carry out routine duties in cleaning and servicing of guest rooms and baths, with high standards.

Public area cleaners

We couldn’t stress more on how much first impressions matter and how often a book is judged by its cover. The appearance and cleanliness of the public areas of your property is just as important as the meals you serve or the array of facilities you provide. In other words, in such a competitive world, to stand out – you must create the right impression. We understand the quality of the services required of us and our expertise can succumb any challenges faced in providing you an immaculate service.

Linen Porters

You will be outsourcing not just staff for distributing linen and keeping a count of the soiled, but instead, individuals that will pay attention to guest requirements and manage them to their satisfaction. At HSK, we understand how even linen porters can contribute to excellent guest experience at your property. Our employees are well versed to interact with guest and always groomed to look smart and tidy. They are most definitely team players that will work well with other supporting departments to achieve great standards on your behalf.

Floor Supervisors

Our floor supervisors will ensure the cleanliness of the hotel by inspecting the presentability, hygiene and sanitary aspects in all rooms of the designated floors. We understand being the management of a hotel is tedious task with a myriad of responsibilities. Therefore, we could most certainly be of assistance in this department. Beside assessing the intricate cleanliness of each floor, our floor supervisors will consistently brief and train housekeeping staff to achieve your property standards at all times. Our experts will also provide feedback and suggestions on how to make improvements in these aspects of cleaning.