As an organization we strive to work within our green initiatives through eco friendly cleaning practices. Unfortunately, due to the commercialization of the terms ‘eco-friendly or green cleaning’ some may even deflect the thought. It is commonly assumed to be a marketing tactic as opposed to a real initiative that could make a positive impact in the environment. Not only the cleaning industry but many other industries have adapted such initiatives for it could make a huge difference in the world.

Why use green cleaning products?

  • Minimize the impact on the Environment

It is our collective responsibility to keep our environment clean. Green cleaning products are manufactured with a low toxicity level and are often more biodegradable. Designed with preservation of the environment in mind, these are a safer alternative to harsh chemicals that contain noxious, harmful, non-biodegradable ingredients that are derived from non-renewable resources like petroleum.

  • Health

You could avoid minor symptoms such as skin rashes, allergies, headaches and major sicknesses like cancers that arise from the use of conventional cleaning products, by changing to green cleaning products immediately. You would feel much safer as soon as you make the transition. If you haven’t done before, now is the time to read the labels on these traditional cleaning agents. Green clean products can have a positive health impact on the residents of a building by purifying the quality of the air.

There is a common misconception that green cleaning products are expensive. Not necessarily. This notion has been carried forward since the inception of green cleaning. Roughly about 5 years ago when these initiatives came to practice, some of those who embraced them came to the conclusion that these products were not value for money and do not achieve the desired task. Green cleaning products have come a long way since. Today these products meet strict standards with regards to toxicity and skin absorption proving the suitability for personal and commercial use.

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